House Reforms

Construcciones Bautista: Experts in reforming your home in Ibiza, company specialized in home improvements.

Home Reforms in Ibiza

We reform your home on the island of Ibiza so that it is to your liking, we put new floors, change the wall coverings, remove partitions to make houses more diaphanous, change tiles, open new windows. We make you feel more comfortable in your home.

Reforms in Villas and Chalets in Ibiza and Formentera

We renew your floor

We change the floor of your home in Ibiza, change the tiles to make your home a more modern, stylish and pleasant place.

New bathroom designs, we change bathtubs for showers

New interior designs

New designs to make your home in Ibiza a brighter and more open space.

House renovations in Santa Gertrudis

Wall changes

We change the covering of your walls removing old styles such as Gotelé. We use the most aesthetically elegant techniques with the best insulation and heat preservation response.

Bathroom renovations in Ibiza

We reform your bathroom so that you have a modern and functional toilet with the best materials. We also make a change in style, we can remove your bathtub to install a more modern shower with beautiful glass screens.

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What can we improve in your home?

Here we offer you some of the types of works that we can carry out in your villa or house in Ibiza to have a more modern and pleasant style.


New improvement and construction projects in Ibiza. We help you create a reform project so that your house meets your housing expectations.

Soil reforms

Changes of tiles and creation of new floors with microcement.

Interior reforms

Interior works and renovations in Eivissa. Bathroom renovations, tile changes, kitchen renovations, etc.

Exterior Reforms

Reforms of terraces, barbecues, grills, patios and swimming pools in Ibiza. Do you want to have a new terrace? Trust Construcciones Bautista to have a perfect project.

Bautista Builders in Ibiza

Construcciones Bautista, a comprehensive renovation company in Ibiza.

At Construcciones Bautista we are a company specialized in making comprehensive reforms in houses and homes in Ibiza and Formentera. We are an Ibizan company, we have been making people happier with their home for more than 25 years, improving the quality of life and the environment where they live.

We are passionate about making improvements and building the dreams of our clients, we are a company based in Santa Eulalia del Río. We are committed to doing our best so that your home is the way you like it best, we want your satisfaction with our work to be absolute, which is why we maximize our professionalism, always seeking perfectionism.

We are aware that homes in the Balearic Islands have to be adapted to a Mediterranean climate, which in summer is very warm and in winter is quite humid, so we always choose to use the highest quality materials, strengthening the virtues of the work done and improving in insulation and ventilation.

We seek that our reform or our new work is not only an aesthetic and visual improvement, we want it to improve your quality of life by making the temperature perfect in each season of the year.

We build new homes, we carry out all kinds of renovations inside or outside your home.

Contact us and we will make a budget for you to leave your home as you have always dreamed of. Reform a home without work in Ibiza, reform an apartment in Ibiza, reforms in a villa in Santa Eulalia, build a house in San Juan, budget to reform a house in Santa Gertrudis.

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Construcciones Bautista is a company led by Javier Bautista, a young businessman, son of Mr. Bautista who has been carrying out reforms and new works of the highest quality and reliability on the island of Ibiza for more than four decades.

With this construction company you can carry out your reform project, they will take charge of advising you and informing you about the best options so that your home is in the best possible condition.

Do you have a house in Ibiza and you want to change the floor?
Is your apartment old and you want to reform it so that it is modern and attractive?
Are you a real estate agency and you dedicate yourself to reforming homes and then selling them at a better price?
At Construcciones Bautista we know perfectly how to adapt to your needs, we always look for your home to be optimal.

Do you want to remove the gotelé from your walls?
Do you want to build a new partition or remove a partition to make your house brighter and more open?
Do you want to reform your bathroom?
We can cover your walls with microcement to make it look majestic, we can also laminate the walls with vinyl, a very new and modern technique that gives flats, chalets and villas a touch of style and elegance.

We always work on the works using materials in accordance with the Mediterranean style and with avant-garde colors and tones. Our experience is our greatest virtue, we love our work and that it is perfect. What else do we do? Build single-family homes with blocks. Construction of houses with bricks. General Masonry. Room improvements. Tile changes. Radiant floors. Installation of wooden parquet. Exterior works with wood. Roofing installation.

In which areas of Ibiza do we carry out works and reforms? Especially in Santa Eulalia del Río, San Carlos, San Juan, Santa Gertrudis, San Antonio, Jesús, San José, Port des Torrent and Es Cubells. Although we have no qualms about going to do construction projects or deliver estimates for possible works in Chalets de Portinatx or Villas in San Mateo.

Areas where we work in Ibiza:
-Construction and housing renovation company in Santa Eulalia del Río - Reforms in Santa Eulalia
-Construction and house renovation company in San Antonio Abad
-Construction and home reform company in San José
-Construction and house renovation company in San Carlos de Peralta
-Construction and home renovation company in Santa Gertrudis
-Construction and house reformation company in Sant Joan Labritja
-Construction and home renovation company in San Miguel
-Construction and house renovation company in Es Canar
-Construction and home reforms company in Sant Jordi
-Construction and house renovation company in Puig d'en Valls
-Construction and home renovation company in San Mateo
-Construction and house reforms company in Siesta
-Construction and home renovation company in Cala de Bou

Types of reforms and home works that we carry out in Eivissa:
-Floor renovations
-Office reforms
-Bathroom renovations
-Apartment reforms
-Reforms of chalets
-Reforms of country houses
-Reforms of luxury villas
-Building reforms
-Reforms of Neighborhood Communities
-Pool reforms
-Tile changes
-Doors changes
-Remove partitions
-Open new windows
-Plastic block walls
-Make walls with insulation

House reform in Cala de Bou
Apartment reform in Figueral
New construction of a villa in Sargamassa
Change floor in a Sant Antoni House