Humidity Problems

Treatments and reforms to eliminate humidity in walls, floors and ceilings of houses in Ibiza.

Solutions for humidity in homes

At Construcciones Bautista we know the importance of living in a dry and healthy environment. Ibiza belongs to the Balearic Islands, our islands have a very warm Mediterranean climate in summer and very humid in winter. You just have to get up in the morning in winter and you will see that the night dew leaves everything as if it had rained all night. Moisture in some homes can be a big problem as it can cause stains and fungus. These stains are not healthy because they give off spores that can end up being breathed in. Construcciones Bautista will look for the most suitable solution to eliminate THE CAUSE of this humidity.

Eliminate humidity problems in Ibiza Houses

Humidity problems by accident, by condensation, by capillarity or by filtration?

There are four types of humidity when treating a home:
-The ACCIDENTAL HUMIDITY is produced by the breakage of an installation such as a pipe, this type of humidity has an easy solution, locate the break and correct it.
-The HUMIDITY BY CONDENSATION, is usually very common in Ibiza due to the large amount of humidity in the winter. It occurs when there is a lot of humidity in the environment and it comes into contact with cold surfaces causing mold stains . The solution is usually to provide good ventilation and in severe cases install a Controlled Mechanical Ventilation (VMC) system . At Construcciones Bautista we will know how to recommend and install a VMC suitable for your home.
-The HUMIDITY BY CAPILLARITY which is produced when the humidity rises from the ground and rises up the foundations creating stains in garages and lower parts of walls. To solve them, the foundations must be well insulated using various techniques.
-The HUMIDITY BY FILTRATION is that which occurs when humidity and water seep through cracks in walls and ceilings. It is solved with a good WATERPROOFING of walls and ceilings.

In all these cases we know how to act and which procedure is the most successful to get rid of moisture. for Ventilation, good waterproofing and covering leaks in pipes are the most common solutions to stop suffering from moisture and mold stains.

Getting out of the depression that involves having dampness, leaks in the ground, on the walls or ceilings, is a triumph within your reach.
For the detection of the origin of the stain we have the appropriate technology (only with modern electronic devices can the sometimes subtle source of so many problems be detected), but this technology would be nothing without health professionals who put their experience at your service.
Water is the ductile element by nature, and as soon as it attacks a wall or a ceiling it is necessary to diagnose the way in which it manages to penetrate its structure, it may be due to condensation; the solidification of the tiny drops of water present in the environment creating molds and fungal stains, or due to capillary filtration; from the base, usually due to poor foundation, rises irrigating small ascending cracks.
frequently producing the peeling of the paint or the filler, finally it can be due to lateral infiltrations from the same level or that creep meandering from another room, these are distinguished by the formation of bubbles or buns on the walls or ceilings, so it is It is necessary to pay attention to the correct waterproofing of basements, warehouses and garages that communicate with the main body.
Once the aquifer is located and the cause has been identified, we will proceed to scrape it until its complete sanitation, leaving the area dry and stagnant using materials that repel all forms of water and fungi.
We waterproof roofs with asphalt or membrane, we repair gabled tile roofs, we correct flat roofs with insufficient fall, we place and repair water collection gutters and door and window protection parapets.